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Horizon Tape Products offers custom-engineered and stock tapes to meet your application.  We utilize our 50 years of tape experience to recommend the right tape to meet your application challenge with better pricing, service, and quality.

Problem-solving is our specialty...

Photo of Pressure Sensitive Specialty Tapes

Please visit our new online solution request form with your pressure-sensitive tape application and we will recommend the exact tape to meet your needs.

If you know the type of tape you desire, fill out our solution request form for a quote and we will respond immediately.

We have your tape! Call us today at (651) 224-4083.

Below is a partial list of our pressure sensitive tapes and applications:

Application/Need: (Partial list only)  
High Temperature Tape Cable-Stay Tape Industrial Tape
Low Temperature Tape Chemical-Resistant Tape Security Tape
Masking Tape Electrical Insulation Tape Precision-Slit Tape
Ultra-Thin Tape Weather-Resistant Tape Splicing Tape
Metallized Tape Custom Tape Repulpable Tape
Tamper-Evident Tape Bonding Tape Special Color Tape
Removable Tape Silk Screen Tape Packaging Tape
Type of Tape: (Partial list only)  
Polyester Tape Polypropylene Tape Aluminum Foil Tape
PTFE/Non-Stick Tape Cellulose Tape Copper Foil Tape
Kapton® Tape Plastic Tape Lead Foil Tape
Tedlar® Tape UHMW Tape Glass Cloth Tape
Nylon Tape Polyethylene Tape Nonwoven Tape
Specialty Tape Polyurethane Tape Cotton Cloth Tape
Protective Tape 2-Sided Tape Foam Tape
Mylar® Tape Silicone Tape Masking Tape
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