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Our Tape Products:

Horizon Tape Products offers many varieties of custom-engineered tapes and stock tapes to meet every application.  A partial list of our tape products appears below. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, visit our online solution request form.

Specialty Tapes including Teflon, splicing and masking tape
Film TapesSpecialty Tapes2 Sided/Double Coated
PTFE/Non-Stick TapeAluminum Foil TapeFoam Tape
Kapton® TapeCopper Foil TapePaper, Film, Cloth Tape
Polyester TapeLead Foil TapeTransfer Tape
Cellophane TapeFoam TapeDifferential Adhesive Tape
Tedlar® TapeMetallized TapeRepulpable Tape
Nylon TapeHook & Loop TapeSilicone Tape
Polyurethane TapeMagnetic Strip TapeMounting Tape
Non Skid Tape
Plastic TapesCloth TapesPaper Tapes
PVC TapeCotton; Nylon; Polyester TapeMasking Tapes
Polyethylene TapeColored TapeFlatback Tape
Polypropylene TapeUncoated TapeColored and Printed Tapes
Plating TapeNon-Woven TapePackaging Tape
UHMW TapeGlass TapeLow Tack Tape
Felt TapeProtective Tape
Packaging TapesApplicationsApplications
Carton Sealing TapeWeather-Resistant TapeSplicing Tape
Filament TapePowder Coating TapeCircuit Board Tape
Polypropylene TapeGasketing TapeProtective Tape
Security and Tamper-EvidentUltra-Clear TapeOpaque Tape
UPVC TapeWear Resistant TapeRemovable Tape
Custom Made TapeHigh Temp TapeElectrical Insulation Tape
Die Cut and Printed TapeLow Temp TapeRepulpable Tape
Precision Slit TapeChemical-Resistant TapeMasking Tape
Spool-Wound TapeUltra-Thin TapeLithographers Tape
Tape Application EquipmentNon-Stick TapePackaging/Strapping Tape
Tape DispensersConductive TapeTabbing Tape
Water-Soluble TapeGaffer's Tape

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